Lacking motivation?
Worried about your weight?
Feel unfit?
Don’t want to join a gym?
I can get you the results you want with a combination of simple exercise and nutritional advice. Whether you’re new to exercise and intimidated by gym’s or a serious athlete looking for new challenges and goals, I can help.

About me:

Hello, I'm Paul McCleery I'm 40, married with two daughters and a member of the Hastings Round Table.

I spend much of my time helping raise money for local charities such as St Michaels Hospice and Charity For Kids as well as training both myself and the people of Sussex. I qualified as a level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer in 2009 and have helped many clients achieve their goals, be it a half marathon, marathon, ultra marathon, triathlon, weight loss or something more personal.

In August this year I will be taking part in the gruelling 100 mile 'Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc' ultra marathon. Having completed various other ultras including the 'South Downs 100' last year, it seemed the only way to go and also show my clients what a determined mind can do to test the boundaries of what can be achieved. 

I will also be taking part in Ironman triathlons and other events throughout the year and hoping to beat my previous personal best times of a 1.26 Hastings half marathon & 3.15 full marathon time under my club vest for Hastings Athletic Club. 

My objective is setting realistic goals and helping clients identify potential in themselves to over achieve, "training should be enjoyable and enhance your life, not take over it", "so many people train, but fear events/races and this is where the training pays off and you gain experience". 

If you would like to understand more and have 5 minutes to spare, drop me a line and i'll happily give you a no obligation call for a chat. 


Personal Training:

What is personal training?

Many have a perception of a large military dressed guy stood over someone in the rain in a muddy field yelling at them to do that last push up with his boot on their back. 

Times have changed significantly, and I recognise that we are individuals and we all have individual needs, abilities, fears and dreams which means that not one single exercise plan works for all. Using a number of different training methods, my objective is to help my clients believe in and identify their strengths both in the mental and physical state. The personal training experience is more than just sweating hard and raised heart rates, its a dynamic relationship between myself as the trainer and you the client. Your sessions start with in initial consultation in which we get to understand each other, look at what has gone well and what has not gone well in the past and find ways to overcome those hurdles which stop us maximising our potential. 

I am qualified in diet and nutrition, and a major part of the service I provide is reviewing my clients nutrition and advising on how to fuel the body and gain the most from the foods we eat to ensure we live ongoing healthy lifestyles. I don’t believe in fad diets and I always dismiss things that appear on the internet about what the new ‘diet methods’ are. 

Much of my training methods are based on functional training, so you will not be expected to attend a gym and sit on a mechanical machine - the great outdoors is my gym and in the four years I have been offering personal training I have never had a negative comment against this. My training sessions ensure that you become a leaner, stronger, more flexible and injury free healthy looking individual. I don’t weigh people, I measure them and I don’t expect anyone to do anything which I cant do myself. 

If you would like to know more and would like a free informal conversation in person or by telephone, please do not hesitate to contact me and remember #fitnotfat !

Personal Training by the hour £37.

Download the 7 Day Food Diary (PDF)

Download the 7 Day Food Diary (MS Excel)


Fitness classes are like fashion, they come and go. Remember the days of the ‘Step Class’ ‘Taebo’ ‘Aerobics’ 'morning TV workouts' along with every possible combination of celebrity exercise DVD’s. Many of these still exist and although these fads come and go, people love to exercise in a group because its fun, they can do it with a friend and sometimes you can hide at the back and get away with avoiding those dreaded Burpee’s!
I offer a number of classes (see timetable) which give my clients an excellent choice and my promise is always that no one single class is the same, this keeps it fresh and avoids that dreaded ‘training plateau’ where your body stops progressing and you don’t feel challenged anymore.
I also keep my classes to a maximum number of 40 so that the tuition is not diluted, and I am the sole instructor for consistency. 

My main discipline is running, and many of my clients come to me wanting to progress their running speed, distance, endurance or stamina.
Many people run but have never been shown how to breath or run economically so this session is designed to help every individual achieve their goal.
This class suits everyone from a beginner to a seasoned marathoner as I run the session based on handicap, we never run a long distance as a group and leave people behind!

One of the most effective and original ways to train the whole body, this has been used since 1953 and is based on a number of exercises being completed in a ‘circuit’ based on either a number of repetitions or a period of time depending on the training need.
Utilising resistance equipment such as dumb bells, bar bells, medicine balls, Bulgarian bag’s, kettle bells, TRX etc means that we train both the cardiovascular and muscle endurance within the same work out which improves Vo2 max figures.
I adopt various circuit styles including ladders, pyramids, intervals, superset, giant set amongst many others. This class is appropriate for all ages and abilities and we regularly see ladies in their 60’s as well as rugby and football players, police officers, boxers, cyclists, mums and daughters. 

A relatively unknown training method which has been around since the Russians created them in the 1700’s.
What is a Kettle Bell you may ask? A round ball traditionally made of Iron with a handle and because the centre of mass is extended beyond the hand this promotes ‘swinging and dynamic’ movements designed to engage and develop core and grip strength which recruits the entire body and has huge benefits around functional movements whilst giving an excellent calorie burn equalling a 6 minute per mile pace for a 20 minute work out.
This class again suits all ages and abilities as we have a range of Kettle Bell weights.

High Intensity Interval Training - A variation of the typical circuit training, my Friday class is based on equipment free training which requires pure body weight exercises performed as an interval circuit.
Various exercises are performed at short intense anaerobic activity periods of 20-30 seconds with low recovery times of 10-15 seconds which improves athletic capacity and stamina as well as improved metabolism and fat burning. 

(Indoor cycling) A high calorie, aerobic and anaerobic static cycling session.
We regularly see 1000+ calorie burns and rides in excess of 40km within a one hour session, based on a set target intensity of either heart rate or a RPE scale (rate of perceived exercise) this great class is performed to motivational temp music which helps set the RPM to the BPM, guaranteed smile factor and great toned legs and bum!

*All clients are required to complete a medical questionnaire and consent form before participating and may be referred back to your GP for medical clearance. 

*Class Weekly Package prices (excludes Battle Bells and Spin) 1x class £5 • 2x classes £8 • 3x classes £10 • 4x classes £12 • 5x classes £15 • 6x classes £17

19.30 – 20.30pm
RUNNING GROUP - Running progression group for all abilities
Summer (Apr-Oct) meet Dordrecht Way, Hastings
Winter (Nov-Mar) meet Seaside Road, Hastings

18.15 – 19.15pm
HACC - Hastings Athletic Club members only circuit training class
St Leonard's Academy, Edinburgh Road, St Leonard's On Sea

19.30 – 20.30pm
CIRCUIT TRAINING - Public class, no booking necessary, suits all abilities and ages.
St Leonard's Academy, Edinburgh Road, St Leonard's On Sea

17.15 – 18.00pm
18.00 – 18.45pm
SPIN - Indoor Cycling
Book directly with Battle Sports Centre - 01424 774772

19.00 – 19.45pm
BATTLE BELLS (Kettle Bells class) - Suitable for all abilities and a fantastic way to burn calories and tone up.
Battle Sports Centre, Claverham School, North Trade Rd, Battle
£5 or £4 with a £20 sports centre membership

06.00 – 06.45am
FIT FRIDAY - High energy wake up class, delivering that all over body work out.
On the beach by the Hastings Half Marathon start line, 
Seaside Road, Hastings.

£4 per person and includes a free banana

18.30 – 19.30pm
HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training
William Parker School, Park Avenue entrance

09.30 – 10.30 am
Meet at Catsfield Recreation ground nr Battle (100m left out of Powdermill Lane on the right hand side, parking available and play area for children)
£3 per lady!

17.00 - 18.00 pm
18.15 – 19.15 pm
SPIN - Indoor Cycling, Guaranteed 800 -1000 calorie burn and a fast energetic fun ride
Summerfield's Sports Centre, Bohemia Rd, Hastings
£4 a session with percentage of both spin classes donated to

More classes to be added and also requests for classes can be accommodated, drop me a line if you have a group that would like a specific activity outside of these classes.